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At Exopest we try to understand your business and its needs. Our experienced staff can help your setup and maintain a healthy and reputable business with a pest-free environment, no matter what industry you work in.

Commercial Pest Control

Food Storage And Warehousing

Commercial Pest Control

Medical And Pharmaceutical

Commercial Pest Control

Catering and Hospitality

Commercial Pest Control

Hotels and Apartments

Commercial Pest Control

Pubs, Bars, and Clubs

Commercial Pest Control

Food Preparation and Production


The Exopest Commercial Protection Plan

  • Multi-award winning, accredited company
  • Protecting the reputation and the health of your business
  • Scheduled fixed-price contract servicing for a pest-free environment
  • HACCP and AQIS approved pest control systems
  • Exopest’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is designed to specifically tackle pest control within your business.
  • Bar-coding Scanning Trend Analysis reports (see below)
  • Exopest employs university science graduates both in the field and in technical support roles


Barcoding Scanning Trend Analysis reports

Commercial Pest Control Commercial Pest Control Commercial Pest Control

Flying Insect Control Units

Commercial Pest Control Commercial Pest Control Commercial Pest Control

More About Exopest Commercial

Our professional pest management forms an integral part of any HAACP system. An effective, well-documented pest management program enhances food safety and integrity. We provide free, expert advice, as well as bait maps, comprehensive reports, MDS (material data sheets), and other documents in one easy-to-follow manual.

We also provide Proof of Service which is essential for your company, not only as peace of mind that the job is being done, but also as documentation that you are implementing a pest strategy which is being regularly monitored.

Our comprehensive reports include positive proof that every bait station has been serviced on every visit. This gives our customers peace of mind and confidence before every audit, and is in accordance with state and federal health and safety guidelines, AQIS, and HACCP.

We provide a fast, reliable response to every inquiry. Our technicians and office staff all receive comprehensive training in all aspects of pests and related issues. So when you are calling Exopest, you are not just talking to a receptionist, you are talking to someone that is trained in the field.

Exopest has a wealth of knowledge in pest management with four university graduates on staff encompassing biochemistry, entomology, genetics, and zoology and all Exopest technicians have nationally recognized qualifications (Cert III) and accreditation in pest management.

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