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Silverfish Control Melbourne

Why bother worrying about Silverfish?

  • Silverfish are common in Melbourne homes and belong to the genus Ctenolepisma
  • Mostly nocturnal (active at night) prefering quiet seldom disturbed areas
  • Feeding and attacking clothing, paper, wall paper, books and other fabrics textiles
  • Nibble holes in your favourite wool suit or jacket!
  • Love starchy materials like book bindings, paper storage, archives
  • Common in wardrobes, bathrooms and book shelves
  • Why baths and sinks? They fall in and can not get climb out on the slippery surface!
  • Silverfish  live for a very long time, upto 3 yrs, so cause much damge over time
  • Ability to hide and live in very small cracks crevices in a house
  • Silverfish often enter your home via roof spaces and wall cavities
  • Silverfish love damp humid environments – keep areas well ventilated.
  • All their moisture requirements come from the food they eat

Silverfish control MelbourneSilverfish control Melbourne


Silverfish can be difficult to control as they prefer to live in quiet undisturbed places in and around your home – ceiling voids, roof spaces (especially under ceiling insulation), wall voids, bookshelves, built in robes, storage boxes, store rooms etc.

As they are starch feeders they enjoy living in plasterboard wall cavities feeding off the paper lining.

Commonly found in and amongst books consuming glues found in bindings etc. Only really attacks clothing if items contain starch or other attractive food matter.


So to really treat effectively all boxes or containers need to be emptied.

Many areas of the home that harbour silverfish are not possible to access for treatment, so we rely on residual treatment to entry and exit points where they hide – cracks and crevices along floor level. Treating base of walls along skirting, carpet edges and cupboards is very effective along with dusting roof voids.

It is very important to empty base of robes and cupboards prior to Exopest treatment.