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Our Pest Control Services

Exopest offers a full range of pest control services for the home and business owner. The Exopest service includes the monitoring and management of:

The Exopest Home Protection Plan

  • Inspection, identification & treatment.
  • Exopest protects your home.
  • Our surveys are non-invasive, our applications are environmentally friendly, we follow government guidelines in application of safe chemicals and our solution directly tackles the problem.
  • Every member of our field service staff is fully qualified in pest control
  • We only use licensed and approved registered products
  • We offer the right solutions to protect your home
  • Safe Affordable Reliable
  • Exopest employs university science graduates both in the field and technical support roles. We are TRUE termite experts!

Meeting Australian Standards

Exopest recommends and offers regular servicing and inspections of your premises in line with Australian Standards and HACCP.

The Exopest commercial service includes the monitoring and control of:

HACCP audits and IPM (Integrated Pest Management):

  • ants and spiders
  • cockroaches
  • rats and mice
  • bed bugs and fleas
  • vinegar and moth flies
  • birds

Exopest has university qualified graduates in Biology, Entomology and Zoology. Technicians and support staff are qualified in Pest Management Certificate 3 and 4 Asset Maintenance. Victorian Health Department Licensed Pest Control – Insured & Accredited Inspectors.

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