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Ms S Kelty

What would you say to other people about your experience? Ease of booking inspection. Appointment times kept. Exopest technicians courteous and efficient. Reasonable pricing. What do you think Exopest do really well? Bookings are straight forward. Appointment times are kept and if there are any delays, customer is notified. Technicians are approachable and knowledgeable.

Ms J Bacher

What would you say to other people about your experience? They are a fabulous company who I’ve used for 11 years for termite control. What do you think Exopest do really well? They are very thorough and very personable. Great service and lovely people.  


I have had Exopest inspect my property annually since 2009 when termites were detected. The property was treated then and the regular subsequent inspections have revealed that the property continues to be sound. I also have Exopest complete rodent baiting as I could not cope with an infestation of that type. I trust Exopest and Read more…


I’d like to compliment Exopest and all your employees for such a commitment to great customer service Brenda McCallum who always keeps me without fail updated on when Exopest services are due, Brenda’s customer service in knowledge, understanding and communication is outstanding Exopest should be so proud having Brenda working for the company The employees Read more…


I wish to state that I was very impressed in my dealings with Richard Corbett of Exopest. He has provided an excellent service from the first time we contacted the company and follow-ups. He was most polite conscientious and really cared to ensure the best service possible. I would highly recommend dealing with this company. Read more…