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Below is a list of the products we use and their Safety Data Sheet as well as their Declaration certificate if applicable.

Just click on SDS or DEC to download that product’s certificate.

SDS – Safety Data Sheet. A form which lists the properties and hazards of a product or a substance.

DEC – The Declaration (DEC) is part of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Active-air-aerosol SDS Advion Cockroach Gel SDS
Advion Ant Gel SDS
Altriset SDS Anotec PRO5L IKOS SDS
Advion SDS Maxforce Quantum Ant Liquid SDS
Requiem SDS Pin 25 Rabbit Bait SDS
Arilon SDS Perigen Insecticide
Antmaster Bithor
Attrathor SDS Invite FruitFly Trap
Biflex Ultra
Phantom Pressurised
Boracol 200 Rh Fungicide CarbonDioxide Refrigerated Liquid SDS
Premise 200SC Termiticide SDS
Brigade Pymatic Cans
Py Fog Py Insecticide Spray
Bromakil Super Rat Drink Racumin Paste SDS
Chaindrite Metered Aerosol Racumin 8 Tracking Powder
Chaindrite Extra Aerosol
Coopex Dusting
Contrac Blox SDS Reslin Insecticide
Coopex Residual Rodenthor
Ditrac Blox Responsar Beta SC
Termidor Dust Roundup
Detex Blox Imperator smoke generator
Dragnet Rudchem Py Fog
Deodorisers NewAire Fragrance Cans Py Insecticide Spay
Ficam D Stratagem
Ficam W DEC Supapy
Fresh Plus Air Fresheners Generation Firststrike
Generation Block
Goliath Gel DEC SDS Termiflex
Killgerm SDS Temprid
Maxforce Cockroach Gel DEC SDS Termidor Residual Termiticide DEC
Maxforce Gold Cockroach Gel Generation 1st SDS
Boracol PY Matic SDS
Focus Termite Attractant Requiem Termite Bait SDS
HomeGuard-PB HomeGuard-Collars
HomeGuard-DPC HomeGuard-Flexi-Collars
HomeGuard-GT HomeGuard-Termiflex
Mineral Snail & Slug Killer Muskil Block
Scatterbird Wheat Muskil Block
Ephestia Plodia Selontra Soft Bait
Protectimber Term Seal
Seclira WSG
SECLIRA PRESS INS Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait
QuickBayt Spray Fly Snail & Slug Killer
Pyganic Organic Insecticide Resolv Soft Bait SDS
Contrac Soft Bait SDS
DIATHOR Bed Bug Killer
Shieldrite Crawling Insect Foam Clearout crawling insect Aerosol SDS
Clearout Drain Foam Aerosol Microdet
Xterm Termite bait